Les Burners de Suisse annoncent une DECOMPRESSION PARTY à Zürich (unofficial) le 20 octobre From: Till & Nati < This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it >
Date: 28 Sep 2007 15:50
Subject: [Playadust] CHäslibörners (Cheesyburners) big party 20oct Zürich/ CH

Hello everybody,

Nowhere is over, BM as well and we're all back in the default world wishing we weren't and looking forward to all those nice year round events all over europe.

This year finally the swiss burners got their stuff together and finally we can host an event that's worth posting on the euroburners lists.


Zürich/ Switzerland october 20th from about 8pm- open end.

What's it all about?

The most of you have been to a couple of Burning Man related events and know the key- principles, but thouse who don't should defenetly read this:

1. Participation: we expect you to be an active part of the festivities.Yes, that means, that YOU will decide and create whatever happens that night. You can participate in many ways. The party will be whatever we make it. The more people with more ideas, art, performances and crazy appecrences we have the better the event will be. Show us your talents: sing a song, Dj, give a tarot reading, perform, bring your art, mix tasty drinks, bake a cake, dressup as a spacecowboy, do whatever you want! The only border is your fantasy. If you would like to get involved, but you haven't got an idea what to do, there are lot's of things you can help with. There is a disscussion on tribe @
 for organisation, most of it is in swiss german, but I think everybody understands english, so if you want to post anything you could do this in english.

2.Costs: The party will have no cover charge, nothing will be sold and no commercialism is allowed. To be part of it you need to be on the guestlist. To get on the list just write me an email, with your name and the number of people comming with you. A week prior to the event you will receve an email with the exact address and the description of how to get there.

3.Leave no trace: We know it's not the desert and everything can be cleaned, but it is very important for us that you take down what you put up. Pack it in pack it out. This doesn't mean you have to demoop the dancefloor during the party, but try to leave no trace and the cleanup crew will love you! Please don't destroy peoples things or write on the walls/ toilets.

4.Total self reliance/ "bring your own party" Be responsible for yourself! If you want to drink, you should bring some booze, if you want to hear a special song, bing it along, you wanna eat-bring some food, bring along whatever you need and don't expect anyone else to bring it along. Don't take anybodys stuff without asking (especially the booze). You want it-you bring it! The only things you can expect are water and electricity ( if you "book" it before the event). You can decorate the venue as you wish, as long as it's possible to take the decortation down again.

5.Gifting: Gifting is an important thing at burner events. You don't have to gift anything if you don't want, but you're not allowed to sell anything! Be nice and share. A gift comes from the heart and shouldn't be given to get something in return.

6. Radical self expression is a form of gifting. Show who you are and let your unique personality be a gift to others. But please be respectfull of the libertys of people surrounding yourself.

What expects you:

An unforgettable night of crazyness and spontanity:

Pimp my booty colors and costumes & Pimp my booty fashion show: costumecamp and face-/ bodypainting. If you have spare costumes we could borrow that would be great. just bring em along and don't forget to pick em up at the end of the night. Be a part of the fashion show, work the catwalk and show everybody your pimped out booty!

Fuzzy flourescent boingi:  The bouncing castle is dedusted and awaites you to come and bounce the night away.

Vietnamese coffee: A SwissChris classic to keep the party going.

Chez cuddlez: No more energy, just wish to be a child again and cuddle with your stuffed animals, well it's possible! Chez cuddlez invistes you to let out your inner child and cuddle! If you want to donate stuffed animals we'll glady take care of them and take them to may nice places.

Poetry session & storytime: have a poetry or a story you want to share please do so and join the poetry session.

Absolute Absinth: Meeting of admitting alcoholics and their booze

Open Stage: There will be an open stage (hopefully with a mic) where you can show off your talents and participate as you like.

Sushi time We're going to have at least one sushigirl and very probably a sushiboy, serving as plates, aswell. Wan't to be the Wasabidude? Feel free!

and a lot more!

Accomodation: We have some space for people that don't live in Zürich, but it's limeted. Please send me an email if you need a place to crash and I'll get your details to the right person.

Send me your reservation and be part of the madness.

Over & out,




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